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Woolworths Discovery Garden! #1 | TASTIEST COLLECTIBLES EVER! | Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables!!

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Today we're opening up the BRAND NEW Woolworth Collectible series which I REALLY like because it's all about GROWING your own vegetables, herbs and flowers!!! It may not sound as FUN and AMAZING as Lion King Ooshies but I bet they'll taste better!

Also let me know how your garden grows by commenting on my Instagram account or uploading photos of your own Discovery Garden and use the hashtag #OzDiscoveryGarden so we can keep track of each others progress!! Now Get GROWING!! :D

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Every time you spend $30 or more in Woolworths, you will get one free Discovery Garden seed collectibles. There are 24 different vegetable, herb & flower seeds to collect & grow. Don't forget to collect Woolworths Discovery Garden Interactive Storybook in store. It tells you all about how to grow each type of plant!

- *Treasure Hunts:* https://bit.ly/2IOVmnO
- *Lego Bust-Up Battles:* https://bit.ly/2sdnLtr
- *Blind Bag Battles:* https://bit.ly/2xixl3j
- *Ooshies Series 3:* https://bit.ly/2KZNqN1
- *Minecraft Super Adventures!:* https://bit.ly/2siN38O
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