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Will Atkinson RKB Album Sessions (Full Movie)

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In January this year my manager John pulled me out of life in Glasgow and took me away to a remote valley in the Welsh mountains near Brecon to have nine days of uninterrupted creativity. He did this - in the interests of trying to advance my artist album which up to that point had been slowed by the distraction of non stop touring and all the shenanigans that surrounded my day to day life in Scotland. For nine days we disconnected from the world in a beautiful retreat that had no phone or wifi signal. I set up a studio in one of the rooms and our good friend and super talented camera man Charlie Maton-Presley came along to capture every moment. It turned out to be one of the best weeks of my life and I came away with six new tracks pretty much finished - including my single with Gary Go “If I Spoke Your Language” and my big trance on VII - “Telescope”. Watching this movie back now gives me a huge rush of emotions. It truly was a magical time, but there are clear overtones of sadness I now feel when I watch some of our conversations of excitement and planning for what was set to be one he biggest year of my career. Covid 19 took those plans from us - but the one thing it couldn’t take - was the music. And so as we are now less than a week away from the release of my debut artist album - Last King Of Scotland - I feel immense affection for this body of work, this journey, this nine days of endless creativity - without which my album would never have come together.

I’m thrilled to now share this journey in full with you.

Bill x

Will Atkinson - Last King Of Scotland - is out this Friday 6th November on Black Hole Recordings.

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While others are restrained by genre association Will Atkinson runs free, refusing to conform or be pigeon holed.
Is he tech, trance, techno, electronica, progressive, experimental?
He is all of them – and so much more.
Will’s discography is quite simply a long list of hit records. “Pat Butcher”, “Victims”, “Numb The Pain”, “Subconscious”, “Mesmerize”, “The Gamer Changer”, “Fresh Meat”... all chart topping, iconic titles.
Having released on all of the scene’s coolest labels including Subculture, Kearnage, FSOE, Spinnin’, Armada, Perfecto Fluoro and Vandit - the demand for Will’s production skills is truly tour schedule reads like a catalogue of the coolest festivals & clubs in the world with a residency at Cream Ibiza and regular peak time slots at EDC Vegas, EDC Mexico, Dreamstate, Beyond Wonderland, Creamfields, Luminosity, BAT, Subculture, Earthcore,
Will has joined the elite VII collective, and he is the founder of the label Victims Helpline.

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