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US Capitol riot: Over 160 case files opened in 6 days so far, says FBI, DOJ | FULL

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Acting Attorney Michael Sherwin, alongside FBI Washington Field Office ADIC Steven D'Antuono provided an update on charges laid and arrests made in relation to last week’s events at the Capitol, announcing that more than 160 case files have been opened in six days so far.

D'Antuono also said that since the FBI’s calls for tips, videos and pictures, they’ve received more than 100,000 pieces of digital media to assist with the investigation – which is “absolutely fantastic,” he said.

Sherwin said investigations for people who participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and breach won’t be solved in the coming weeks and months, as he called it a “long-term investigation.” “Everyone is in for the long haul,” said Sherwin, referring to the FBI, the Department of Justice and all the attorneys across the country assisting in the investigation.

In scenes that shocked the world, a mob of pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building last Wednesday, ransacking offices and clashing with police, while chanting slogans like "hang Mike Pence!"

A Capitol police officer died from injuries suffered in the riot, and police shot a woman during the violence. Three others died in what authorities said were medical emergencies.

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