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The Star Wars TV Series That Almost Happened (Explainiac w/ Dan Casey)

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A decade before The Mandalorian hit the small screen, George Lucas had a grand vision for another tale of bounty hunters, murky morality, and hardened criminals from the seedy underbelly of a galaxy far, far away. It was called “Star Wars: Underworld” and although they completed more than 50 episode scripts, it never saw the light of day. Join Dan Casey on Explainiac to learn all about the hidden history of Star Wars: Underworld.


In a world filled with numbers, facts, films, TV shows, anime and more there's only so much one brain can handle. Dan Casey has dedicated his life to memorizing all the trivia, secrets, myths, and more to all things pop culture. For somethings in life, there are things you can't explain. For everything else, there's Explainiac. Tune in to Explainiac every Thursday over on and to get your weekly dose of the truth.

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