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The Deadliest Animal In All Of Asia...

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5 Deadliest Animals in Asia

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If you have watched the "Jungle Book," then you might have had a head start on this one. Asia is home
to many beautiful cultures and people, and unsurprisingly, their animal collection is something to be
marveled at. We've got snakes, bears, and even giant hornets that'll make you scream like a kid as we
take you across the vast continent of Asia in this video.
Stretching from the deserts of the Middle East to the steamy jungles of SouthEast Asia and reaching
northwards to the Arctic Circle, there are dangerous animals for all tastes. Make sure to stick around for
a group of snakes called the "Big Four," which terrorize the continent of Asia.


If the name "Komodo Dragon" doesn't make you think twice, then perhaps you should know that this
animal will eat anything, including you. Komodo dragons can be found in the harsh climate of
Indonesia's Lesser Sunda Islands. Komodo dragons are the largest living lizards in the world, and they are
identified by their massive size, flat heads, bowed legs, and thick, long tails. Some people call them land
crocodiles, and they might very well be right. Male Komodos can grow to be as long as eight or even 9
feet, but they sometimes grow as long as 10 feet. Females grow as long as 6 feet.
I actually used to admire the Komodo dragons for how majestic they look, but that was before I learned
about how they hunt. They use the power of Bacteria. How? Well, If you're lucky and manage to escape
after a bite, you're not entirely free, as its bite contains a strain of bacteria that is very harmful to both
animals and humans.
These gigantic lizards are also very determined and will patiently wait out their prey until it is weakened
and too destabilized to move. Then they chase it, eat out the throat and wait for it to bleed out while
they catch up on the latest gossip going around in the wild islands of Gili Motang, Gili Dasami, Komodo,
Rinca, and Flores. You do not want to be on the receiving end, my friend.


Well, this one isn't rocket science. The name says it all. This is a scorpion that has a fat tail. Great that's
it, thanks for watching! Just kidding, but this scorpion really is something to marvel at, and it all starts
with that wonderful fat tail.

There are several thousands of deaths every year that are related to scorpion stings. Scorpion stings
cause potentially life-threatening neurotoxicity, with children particularly the majority of the victims. We
all know how kids like to touch everything. The fat tail scorpion is one of the most poisonous scorpions
the earth has yet unveiled. The thing can grow as long as 6 inches and comes in one major color scheme.
They are usually dark brown or black with lighter brown or reddish pincers.
They are widely considered the most dangerous scorpion species and occasionally referred to as the
man-killer. The venom of the fat tail is a potent neurotoxin, which is incredibly fast-acting. Death can
occur in as little as a matter of hours after being stung with respiratory paralysis being the cause. The
only good news is there is an effective anti-venom. So, if you happen to run into one of these suckers,
you have a chance of surviving it.


You do not need anyone to tell you that sharks are extraordinarily deadly and need to be left alone.
However, the shark game in Asia is a lot scarier than anywhere else. All of the "big three" deadly shark
species can be found in Asia's waters; the great white, tiger shark, and bull shark can all be found here.
Despite this, the number of attacks in Asia is relatively low, with the official shark attack figures
recording only 51 deaths since records began over 400 years ago.
Hong Kong tops the list, and most of these attacks happened during a four year period in the early
1990s. Ten deaths were attributed to one or more tiger sharks in the waters of Sai Kung on the island's
east coast. Another spot with a surprisingly high number of shark attacks in Iran is the shark attack
capital of the Middle East. This is probably because of the prevalence of bull sharks that can be found in
the Tigris river and estuary – remember, these sharks can tolerate freshwater too.
The Philippines are home to all the world's deadliest sharks. Tigers, bull sharks, makos, and even great
whites can all be found here. They just have it all, don't they?


Rhinos are the tanks of the animal world. Big, heavy, powerful armor-plated and capable of inflicting big-
time damage. The Indian rhinoceros is no exception and is ranked as the 5th largest land animal on
earth, just behind the various elephant species.

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