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शुरू करे पीनट बटर बनाने का व्यवसाय || Start Peanut Butter Processing Business

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Peanut butter is a very high nutrition product, which is used as a bread spread, and in a smoothie, sauces, cookies, porridge, etc. The peanut butter business is making its way to success, as people are getting more conscious about their diet and want to eat healthily, and peanut butter’s high nutrient value and low-calorie value makes it a star product.

Peanut butter processing is a very profitable business, which needs low investment, and many entrepreneurs from all over the world are making money from the peanut butter production business.


The machines required for peanut butter processing includes a sheller, roster machine, blancher machine, grinding/milling machine, and filling machine. The raw materials required for the production of peanut butter is peanuts or groundnuts.

Peanut butter business plan can help you raise capital from investors/relatives and friends, you can also apply for bank loans, business proposals, find a business partner, etc.

The peanut butter market is very huge, and it is always increasing, with the rising disposable income, rising demand for nutritious products, and rapid urbanization. Peanut butter is supplied to the supermarket, tuckshops, wholesalers, schools, restaurants & fast food, organizations, events, etc. You can also export peanut butter with proper licenses to other countries where the demand is high

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