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Scarecrow | 2013 Action Horror | Lacey Chabert

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***This film is under license from Sonar Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.***

Scarecrow - With the Scarecrow Festival on the horizon, school teacher Aaron Harris is doling out punishment for six students serving detention, including the moody Tyler, Goth girl Nikki, wrestling team captain Daevon, and straight-A student Maria. Their task: help their friend Kristen's family farm with some grunt work before it’s sold. But the cornfields circling the farm come with a legend—and Tyler takes macabre delight in recounting the tale

Year: 2013
Cast: Lacey Chabert, Robin Dunne, Nicole Munoz, Brittney Wilzon, Reilly Dolman, Iain Belcher, Richard Harmon, Julia Maxwell, Kevin O'Grady
Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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