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Risking A Seizure Or Coma While Giving Birth | Medical Documentary | Only Human

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In this episode of heartbeats, after months of aggressive treatment, Karen receives news of Her lung cancer. The final hurdle for the birth of Nicole's child is a leap, she's not certain the baby will make it.
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Heartbeats is a dramatic documentary series that explores the world of an emerging generation of medical pioneers and their patients. The stories are set in North America’s renowned Sunnybrook & Women’s College Hospital — one of the first hospitals in the world geared towards the research and treatment of women’s health.
Our storytellers are the female patients, their doctors, specialists, surgeons and researchers who champion their health every day. Women come to Sunnybrook Hospital because its medical teams have novel approaches to treating and caring for women. It’s the type of treatment that women just can’t get anywhere else. Each episode will feature patients as they make critical journeys from illness and treatment to recovery – all at the hands of courageous and compassionate medical teams dedicated to women’s medicine.
Viewers will identify with the plight and concerns of our patient/subjects; with their fears and hopes for a healthy outcome. We will follow stories of women as they go through treatments that will change their lives forever – for better or for worse. Every episode will portray the challenges patients and medical professionals face in receiving and delivering care differently. The series will draw audiences into the dramatic stories of women facing everything from cardiovascular disease to cervical cancer; from high-risk pregnancy to facial reconstruction and more.

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