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My First Concerto: How To Be A Classical Musician (Classical Music Documentary) | Perspective

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An uplifting musical journey that provides an intimate insight into the process of becoming a classical musician. Crossing Rachmaninoff follows aspiring concert pianist Flavio Villani as he prepares for his debut with an orchestra performing Sergei Rachmaninoff's famous second piano concerto.

'Crossing Rachmaninoff' is the story of one man's journey to redemption through Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2. Italian-born Flavio Villani is preparing for a performance that will confirm his arrival as a concert pianist and vindicate his decision to be a musician.

This film introduces Flavio in Auckland as he grapples daily with Rachmaninoff's challenging work. It explores the single-minded commitment necessary to become a concert pianist, exposes the professional challenges he must overcome and reveals Flavio's true commitment as he prepares the very piece that proved Rachmaninoff as a composer.

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From Crossing Rachmaninoff

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