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Most UNBELIEVABLE Friendships Between Different Animal Species!

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Hi, it’s Katrina! From lions and tigers and bears growing up together to an orangutan that feeds baby tigers, here are 13 amazing and surprising animal friendships you won’t believe exist!!

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13. Leo, Baloo, And Shere Khan
When police made a drug raid on a drug dealer’s home in Atlanta years ago, they made quite a discovery in the basement: a lion cub, a bear cub, and a tiger cub, which the drug dealer had been keeping as pets. The animals were in bad shape, but had formed a special bond.

12. The Lioness and the Baby Oryx
It was in the Samburu National Reserve of Kenya that a union of seemingly biblical proportions occurred-a friendship the locals called “a message from God”. This remarkable event was the peaceful bond that formed between a baby antelope (the innocent prey) and a lioness (the wise predator), who was given the name Kamunyak, or "blessed one."

11. Rusty And Quasi
Amid the devastating bushfires that raged across parts of southern Australia, a family dog and a wild koala have become the best of friends. Rusty, who lives with the Stone family in Ashton, Adelaide Hills, receives regular backyard visits from Quasi, a koala who regularly stops by to grab a drink of water and seek refuge from the heat.

10. Rocket Larry And Puka
Perhaps one of the most surprising friendships is that between Rocket Larry, an African Sulcata tortoise, and Puka, a mixed-breed rescue dog. A few years ago, a woman named Roxy rescued Puka from a homeless man in Los Angeles. Puka, who was four years old at the time, had a cleft lip and needed to see a veterinarian. Roxy convinced the homeless man to surrender Puka so that she could get him the care he needed. From there, Puka went to live with Roxy’s friend, photographer Christine Hilberg.

9. Jazz And Hunter
A giraffe named Jazz, whose mother abandoned him at birth, arrived at The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa’s Limpopo province last year just days after he was born. A local farmer had discovered him in a state of weakness and dehydration, and had notified the orphanage of his need for care.

8. The Fox and the Hound
Turns out that sometimes real life animal friendships are even better than fiction! This fox and hound are very unlikely friends! One day in 2013, Norwegian photographer Torgeir Berge was walking in the forest with his shepherd dog Tinni. During their stroll, they encountered a wild baby fox. Somehow, they became the best of friends!

7. Chickens And Chihuahuas
With four chickens and three chihuahuas, Brooklyn couple Rocky Schwartz and Jay Shooster have a full house. The three dogs -- Biscuit, Bambi, and Ginger -- coexist surprisingly peacefully alongside the four chickens, the most famous of which is named Rose. Who would have thought dogs and chickens got along?

6. St. Bernards Adopt Baby Goat
After a baby goat named Hans became orphaned, he went to live on a farm in Belgium. But the farm’s owners had trouble trying to get him to feed from a bottle. Hans was drawn to the farm’s two St. Bernards, Julie and Basiel, and they were equally welcoming to him. The farmer who cares for the animals, Isolde Mattart, explained that the dogs taught Hans a lot.

5. Elephants And Dogs
At the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, dogs and elephants are forming friendships that disprove the popular misconception that pachyderms are afraid of canines. The sanctuary offers refuge to both animals, giving them the unique opportunity to form interspecies bonds that typically don’t happen in the wild.

4. Jamila And Mewie
Mewie is the resident cat at The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa’s Limpopo province. Nicknamed the “king of the orphanage,” he spends his days patrolling the environs and being a companion to the rescued animals who live there.

3. The “Rat Pack”
When a Wisconsin family moved in 2017, they unfortunately couldn’t take their beloved rat, Tweaks; their cat, Jack, and their dog, Sasha, with them. They presented the group, nicknamed the “Rat Pack,” to the Oshkosh Area Humane Society under circumstances that undoubtedly surprised even veteran staff members.

2. Rabbit Rescues Kitten
In an adorable video that hit the internet in late 2018, a rabbit noticed that his feline friend was trapped inside a shed. He immediately began digging into the ground outside the structure to create a hole for the kitten to escape through.

1. Orangutan And Tiger Cubs
In late 2017, video footage of an orangutan “babysitting” a litter of tiger cubs went viral.

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