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Lion Documentary 2020 National Geographic

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Lion Documentary 2020

African Lions Hunting Prey Nat Geo Wild National Geographic Documentary HD 2020

Lion hunts in Africa are at the top of every hunter’s wish list. Lions are truly kings of the jungle and are the beasts of legends. The taking of a male lion has been a challenge that man has pursued since the dawn of mankind, and even today, the taking of a majestic male African lion is a magical moment. Lion hunts in Africa still offer the modern day hunter the challenge of facing off against this most fearsome of beasts. The African male lion is the largest cat still being hunted on the planet. Along with the leopard, these two cats make up two of Africa’s big five dangerous game animals.

Lion hunting in Africa can be broken down into two major classifications. Wild lion hunts and high-fence captive reared lion hunts. Both lion hunts can offer the hunter a great challenge if done properly. It is estimated that there are approximately 32,000 - 35,000 wild lions left roaming in wild Africa. These lions are mostly located in what is known as stronghold areas. Wild lions are under pressure from man’s expanding footprint on the African continent and from the resulting human / lion conflict that arises from this encroachment into the lion’s historical range.
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