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Life of Elephants [National Geographic Documentary HD 2020/हाथियों का जीवन?

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Life of Elephants [National Geographic Documentary HD 2020

Africa. Sprawled across this continent are vast savannahs, seemingly endless deserts, and impenetrable rain forests. Each region is dotted with a unique array of wild animals, from elusive leopards to the delicate, gazelle-like bongo.
An adult male savannah elephant — the largest land mammal in the world — weighs about 12,000 pounds and stands roughly 10 feet tall at the shoulder. The smaller forest elephant weighs 10,000 pounds at most. And unlike savannah elephants’ curved tusks, forest dwellers’ are small and straight, designed for negotiating routes through dense foliage. Both elephants do possess the same tough hide (the Latin name for elephant is “pachyderm,” or “thick-skinned”). But while their skin may be durable, elephants still need protection from insects and the hot African sun. Wallowing in a mud bath cools down an elephant as well as provides an extra layer of cover

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