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China: The Wuhan Paradox I ARTE Documentary

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Wuhan was little known in the West before the pandemic. The central Chinese city the size of New York, was was a vibrant city before the pandemic. After a strict lockdown, social life in Wuhan seems to have returned to normal with busy streets, lively restaurants and packed nightclubs.

Twelve million Wuhan people remained under lockdown for nearly three months in Wuhan: prisoners of a city sealed off. Even in China, to be Wuhanese meant to be plagued. The situation lasted until May, when the Chinese regime announced total victory over the virus. No more Covid-19 patients have been identified. Wuhan has become the showcase city for Chinese propaganda. So, little by little, the restaurants reopened their doors. Amusement parks have again welcomed visitors. And the night markets have rekindled their flashing signs. Sébastien Le Belzic bears witness to the wind of freedom blowing over the capital of the province of Hubei. Today, in Wuhan, the party is in full swing, without a mask: from austerity to carelessness, the city is catching up with life.

Available until the 27/09/2023

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