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All My Cowboys Are Nice! Doug McClure! Dean Martin! Glenn Ford! Wm Shatner! says Rosemary Forsyth

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Actors who make westerns are special. You've heard it before. "All My Friends Are Cowboys." Something about the character of movie cowboys gives most of them an honesty and kindness. It's an honorable trait and makes working together on location a joy. Or, as actress Rosemary Forsyth says, "They are really, really nice." She ought to know she's worked with many of the most popular performers in Hollywood. In SHENANDOAH she married Doug McClure, one of the nicest guys around and an honest-to-goodness horseman. When she worked with Doug again, it was on his series BARBARY COAST. His co-star? Another horseman, William Shatner. Her episode, "Jesse Who?" was directed by another nice guy, Bill Bixby, who'd made a few westerns himself. Hanging out with Dean Martin while shooting TEXAS ACROSS THE RIVER, was funny both on screen and off. Rose tells the story of ending up in Dean's trailer one night on location in a lonely canyon during a storm and opening the door to find out that the entire crew had unknowingly left them behind. Fun, though. Dean's the guy who starred in several western classics and just wanted to WATCH B westerns! Before LONGMIRE, there was CADE'S COUNTY, a TV series with movie legend Glenn Ford as a modern day sheriff and his sidekick deputy, Edgar Buchanan. These western tall tales and more as Rose recalls working on a COLUMBO episode directed by this new kid "who looked like a teenager and was no more than two or three years younger" than her. Have a nice time with Rosemary Forsyth in this episode of A WORD ON WESTERNS, recorded at The Autry Museum, Nov 15, 2016.

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