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A Brief History of The Beatles

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Here is everything you need to know about The Beatles.
It's a "brief" documentary about the biggest band of all time. Produced and written by Matt Beat.

My favorite Beatle: Paul McCartney
My favorite Beatle songs: Don't Let Me Down, Hey Jude, and Hello, Goodbye

A special thank you to the AP Archive for allowing me to use footage.
AP Archive website:
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All other images and video found in the public domain or fall under fair use guidelines.

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Music credits:
Ably House:
Mizo beat
Tomi McCartney

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Of course The Beatles were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But four individual members have been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Today, the Beatles are widely considered to be the most influential band of all time. They defined an entire generation, and transformed popular music forever. Former Rolling Stone editor Robert Greenfield wrote: “in the form of popular music, no one will ever be more revolutionary, more creative and more distinctive.” The band even changed how people LISTEN to music. What’s particularly impressive about the Beatles is that were both critically acclaimed and extremely popular. Critics universally adored them, and oh they also just happened to be the best-selling musicians in the history of the world, selling more than 800 million albums worldwide. Probably no other musicians will ever accomplish what they accomplished. They are simply the greatest band of all time. Don’t believe me? Google “greatest band of all time” and see what comes up.

So, who was the true “Fifth Beatle?” Who is your favorite Beatle? What did I leave out? Obviously I can’t include everything in these videos so I do appreciate the additional information. Also, look for more of these in 2020. And I’ve decided I’m going to commit to release at least one video a month on this channel. Thanks for watching everybody!

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